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Paintball For Kids

MiniBall an exciting variation of Paintball for kids.

Paintballing for kids! Australia has a variety of regulations governing the operations of paintball and more specifically the age required in order to play the games. For example, in South Australia the minimum age for kids paintballing starts from as young as 10 years of age. However, this is drastically increased to 16 years of age in Victoria. Here at Delta Force we want all enthusiastic and energetic young players to be able to partake in the adrenaline-pumping, fantastic activity. As a result, Delta Force Paintball Melbourne, Canberra and Perth are delivering MiniBall! Instead of using air-powered or CO2 run paintball guns with large paintballs, MiniBall uses a pump-action gun which fires smaller, softer-shelled paintballs. However, don’t let that deter you! Everything else from the adult paintball experience remains the same; from the excellent game modes and maps, to the highest quality marshalling and refereeing. MiniBall players find that it’s just as memorable as the adult paintball experience!

Paintball for kids, defending the usaf aircraft at Delta Force Dingley near Melbourne

Here at Delta Force, we take our customer safety and in particular children’s safety, very seriously. That’s why we have developed the Miniball safety to be second to none. Firstly, we issue kids with full head-covering helmets which protect the entire head and neck. Additionally, kids are also issued with camouflage overalls, ammunition packs, body armour and armoured gloves. All equipment distributed has been extensively researched and developed for players from the age of 8 years and over, to give every player of any size and shape full comfort and safety. This gives these youngsters a brand-new way of enjoying the fantastic sport of Paintball across multiple states of Australia and indeed around the world.

Delta Force offers an exciting, safe, convenient and healthy environment for everyone to enjoy an action-packed day of paintball adventure. Our amazing game scenarios and missions offer a thrilling day, whether that’s for adults, teens or children to enjoy.